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More than a sport, Surfing is our lifestyle, allowing the energies of our body and mind to be in harmony with those of nature.
Our main objective is teaching you to discover how to merge those energies achieving good technique, safety, patience and ethics to enjoy every wave with the best vibe. Caring of all details will allow you to take Surfing to the next level.

Good Vibes Surf School Tamarindo Costa Rica

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro, our surf lessons will help you improve your skills and enjoy surfing like never before, and we’ll teach you to surf in one of the most iconic surfing destinations in the world, Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We are mainly focused on safety, and to reach the maximum effectiveness in our lessons we divide our students into small groups according to their level.

This way you can progress at your own pace, not being held back or forced out of your comfort zone. Our lessons are very informative and according to your level and performance we’ll be giving you those tips you are needing to reach the next level of your surfing.
Our lessons are very informative and according to your level and performance we’ll be giving you those tips you need to reach the next level of your surfing.

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Tamarindo is a town in the Guanacaste Province, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. It’s known for beaches with strong surf, like Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta. To the north, Playa Grande beach is a major nesting site for huge leatherback turtles, and forms part of Las Baulas National Marine Park. The mangrove-lined estuary of Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge protects animals such as howler monkeys and crocodiles.

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GoodVibes Surf School
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Andrew BajadaliAndrew Bajadali
13:28 17 Jun 24
Marco and Julio at GoodVibes are absolutely amazing! I took a lesson with my girlfriend and 11 year old daughter and these guys made the whole experience super fun with their positive energy, knowledge, and talent for teaching. They clearly explain safety in the water and walk you through all the steps you need to consistently get out on the water, then get up and ride waves. We each came through the lesson with tips and knowledge we’ll always use when we go out in the waves again. Attitude is everything and these guys are the real deal! Pura Vida!! A must do if you want to surf for the first time, or just want to go to a higher level. Absolutely recommend!!
Olivia JohnsonOlivia Johnson
13:21 12 Jun 24
Marco was an excellent surf instructor!! He was very patient and took the time to ensure that myself and the rest of the group had the proper technique and knowledge to be able to surf properly. Even as a beginner I was able to catch many waves. He also provided knowledge and insights so that I would be able to surf on my own later. Overalll, had a great experience and would highly recommend a lesson at Good Vibes Surf School with Marco!
Devin BrownDevin Brown
03:55 07 Jun 24
What a great experience. This was my first experience surfing and Julio made the whole experience one to remember! Julio is GREAT surf instructor. You start off the lesson learning water/surf safety and then practice on dry land. His positive attitude made me believe in myself and by the time we hit the water Julio seemed positive we would be riding waves in no time. I still wasn’t so sure! But I quickly became a believer. Very soon into the lesson the whole group was popping up & riding waves. What a great feeling, what an amazing experience, what a great day. Thank you GoodVibes surf!
Romy van LeeuwenRomy van Leeuwen
23:05 01 Jun 24
I had a surflesson as a beginner with Marco and it was the best experience! He’s really good in explaining the technique, safety is really important to him and he gives you more than enough time to practice as well! Definitly would recommend Good Vibes surfschool!!
Pamela KizerPamela Kizer
12:07 25 May 24
Very attentive and personable. I was nervous for my first lesson but was put at ease. Highly recommend Good Vibes Surf School!
Abi AlexanderAbi Alexander
18:46 04 Apr 24
My lesson with Marco was genuinely the best surf lesson I’ve ever had. While I had a fair bit surf experience before arriving in Costa Rica, I had accumulated some bad habits and generally lacked confidence. Marco helped me fix and improve all the fundamentals of surfing in a private lesson, allowing me to progress so much more than I expected. With his help I probably caught 20+ waves during our time in the water. With each wave Marco would give me personalised feedback and kind encouragement, which helped me progress very quickly. Most importantly I had the biggest smile on my face for the whole lesson. Marco is a fantastic teacher and I would definitely recommend a lesson with him for whatever stage of surfing you may be at.
Katherine HarperKatherine Harper
21:53 30 Mar 24
Marco is a top notch surf instructor. He gave me all the tools and information I needed for surfing without it feeling overwhelming. I caught so many waves, and felt so much improvement in my surfing after just a few hours of lessons. If you get the chance to take surf lessons in Tamarindo (as a complete beginner like me or intermediate surfer) I highly recommend taking lessons with Good Vibes Surf school. Muchos Gracias Marco. Pura Vida!
Naama MarcosNaama Marcos
15:04 14 Mar 24
“Booked a lesson for my teenage kids and had an incredible experience with Julio! He met us on the beach and provided a concise and thorough tutorial. Thanks to his guidance, both kids were able to ride their first wave! They absolutely loved it and are already asking to do it again. Julio made the lesson fun and created an adventure they’ll remember forever. Thank you!”
Vera Magallon DavidVera Magallon David
16:14 14 Feb 24
It was my first surfing experience and it went great, the instructor really knows what he’s doing and you can tell he really enjoys it, he’s patient, explains everything well and just makes you have a good time while learning. 100% will recommend.
Andy ZhangAndy Zhang
20:01 08 Feb 24
Marco is the man. After 1 group lesson with him, I was able to catch my own waves with a bit of luck. After 2 more individual lessons, I was able to catch my own waves without luck. He’s one of the chillest guys you’ll ever meet. He also looks like Rafa Nadal so you can tell your friends that Nadal taught you how to surf. Super worth it!
Brandy PieperBrandy Pieper
17:34 05 Feb 24
10/10 recommend! Amazing experience with Marco at GoodVibes Surf School! His technique for popping up worked well for me and the other people in our group. We all got up and rode a wave on our first try! It was amazing and the boards were in good shape. He had rash guards for us and shared his zinc sunscreen. I recommend hydrating well the day before and morning of your lesson. He has good recommendations for surf-related needs in the area!
Denise HartingerDenise Hartinger
16:14 22 Jan 24
definitely 5 out of 5 stars. I can wholeheartedly recommend this surf school to everyone. The surf instructors are all great and cater to you and your level. You learn a lot and feel super safe and in good hands. Would do it there again at any time.
Robyn SuttonRobyn Sutton
20:02 14 Jan 24
We had multiple surf lessons with Julio and it was the highlight of our trip! He taught us so much, safety was a top priority, and he was a blast to be around! Highly recommend this surf school!!
Megan DobbelaereMegan Dobbelaere
02:04 11 Jan 24
Traveled to Tamarindo not expecting to take surfing lessons, but SO GLAD that I did. Santiago and Julio were very patient and knowledgeable. We practiced on boards in the sand before getting into the water and had several attempts to catch waves (even being part of a group)! Definitely recommend if you like down to earth people that help you feel comfortable trying something new!
max illiashenkomax illiashenko
14:54 03 Jan 24
It was our second time in Tamarindo and second time we had surf lesson with Good Vibes! These guys are the best! They explain all the basics, pay great attention to safety and making sure you’re having a great time while catching your first waves! We had so much fun, I can’t wait to be back and surf with Marco, Julio and Santi again!!! 🤙 I highly recommend this school, especially if you’re a beginner! 🏄‍♂️ Pura Vida!
Pete SchmittPete Schmitt
19:11 18 Nov 23
Marco is a kind and patient teacher with a focus on safety and smooth technique. His lessons are strengthening for any level of surf enthusiasts. Seriously! Get lessons from him!
Vince ZadwornyVince Zadworny
19:03 18 Nov 23
Great surf school! I have taken lesson back in Canada but the method that Marco teaches is far superior. Standing and riding in minutes. Understands what you need to improve and helps you become a better surfer.
Brett RaceBrett Race
18:53 18 Nov 23
We had the best experience with Marco, he was very deliberate in his teaching and focused on the foundations and getting proper technique down first to prevent bad habits from starting. We were not rushed and he worked through all the steps and helped us get good at them rather then just getting us up. However we did get up, many times each, and will definitely be back to see him if we ever find ourselves in tamarindo again.????????
Eva SalembierEva Salembier
14:36 18 Nov 23
Best surfing experience you could ask for. Marco is a patient, knowledgeable, and safety focused teacher dedicated to ensuring you have a fun and memorable surf. Amazing!
lilli wlslilli wls
17:19 10 Nov 23
GoodVibes Surf School was a Great experience. Marco is the best teacher in the area. If you visit Tamarindo you should do a surf lesson with Marco. 100% recommend
Wiebke MangoldWiebke Mangold
02:05 12 Oct 23
I really had an amazing surf lesson with GoodVibes Surf School!The day before the lesson I was feeling very uncomfortable on the board- I was unsuccessfully trying to catch waves for hours, was unsure which wave was worth it to choose, had no clue about the „Basics“.Lucky me there is Marco! At first he teached me about the important Security aspects during surfing, how to move on the board and how the board behaves on the water. After just a few hours I felt more and more comfortable on the board and could catched some waves by my self!Marco is a patiently and kindly human being. Right from the start of the lesson you can see that he really teaches with passion!I can highly recommend to have a surf lesson with GoodVibes!
Josh GeorgeJosh George
16:07 19 Sep 23
When I came to Tamarindo, I’d only been surfing a couple times and would be lucky to catch one wave in a couple hours of surfing. My first day in Tamarindo, I had a lesson with Marco from Good Vibes and learned so much that I was able to go out by myself from then on and easily catch waves with the tips that Marco shared. He is the rare type that accounts for your skill level, body size, tide timing, wave sizes and more to customize your lessons so that you get the most value for your money and time. Marco starts the lesson with practice on dry land and important safety tips so that by the time you’re out on the water, you feel comfortable that you can handle yourself in any situation. I would recommend Marco and Good Vibes to surfers of any skill level who want to take their surfing to the next level.
Leon StolleLeon Stolle
04:44 11 Sep 23
From beginner to Pro in just one surf lesson – that’s only possible with Marco! Highly recommended.
Jan WenzelJan Wenzel
22:04 08 Sep 23
Had a great lesson!
Cerian HarriesCerian Harries
00:26 08 Sep 23
AMAZING!!!I stayed at Tamarindo Backpackers Hostel with the intention of learning how to surf (having never done it before!). My first lesson as a beginner was done as a group lesson, and even though there were 6 of us, Marco and Julio had time for everyone. Their patience to help and provide more tips after each wave was very encouraging and helped me learn so much about my technique and how to correct it.We spent plenty of time on land beforehand to really understand the basics, with each step explained in a way that allowed us to remember in a logical way. It was great to be able to put that into practice in the water. We were also always encouraged to think about our safety in the water too, which makes me feel much more confident about going out on my own in future.My first lesson was so good I had a second lesson with Marco. His knowledge is fantastic, and it’s in his best interest to help you improve, and help you learn more than you learnt in the previous lesson. My experience was incredible and I’m very grateful I had such an incredible instructor!I cannot recommend them enough; you will have a great time and feel like you have learnt so much!
C. SegrellesC. Segrelles
10:27 29 Aug 23
Highly recommended surf school! As a newbie to surf, I got the luck to have Marco as teacher, the best. He really knows how to communicate what you need to know, very organized thoughts and information. Very easy to follow. Plus, he analyses very personally your specific needs and position flaws. He will take you to the best spots for your level, so grateful for everything!
Thomas LearyThomas Leary
01:00 19 Aug 23
Great teachers cool dudes
Alexander Bugge hansenAlexander Bugge hansen
17:25 29 Jul 23
Had my first lesson with goodvibes surf school and they were really good at teaching me all the basics. I ended up standing on the surfboard several times. Can highly recommend it 🙂
celeste parajonceleste parajon
02:33 22 Jul 23
Marco has a lot of technique and patience to transmit it. Your classes are great, thank you!
Lauren CLauren C
21:56 21 Jul 23
I had my first ever surf lesson in Tamarindo yesterday and I can’t say enough amazing things about Marco from GoodVibes.Safety is his #1 priority which put me at ease right away knowing I was in good hands. He is also a really thorough and patient.I wanted to share this gem of a human so others could also have a great surf experience as well!
david schindlerdavid schindler
16:59 11 Jul 23
We had a surf lesson with Julio. He is an amazing surf instructor and by far the best one I ever. If you are in tamraindo this is the best surfing school you can take!
16:58 11 Jul 23
Amazing surf school led by two great teachers who explain everything very well, are patient and make the whole experience a fun one for everyone! We were a group of three with slightly different experience levels and we all had such a good time that we decided to directly book another lesson for the next day.100% would recommend!!
Amalia ThAmalia Th
04:23 19 May 23
Had a semi private lesson with my friend and we absolutely loved it! Our instructor, Marco, was very friendly, patient, and made sure we had the best time! We started out learning technique and safety tips on land before catching some waves. As a complete beginner, the lesson certainly gave me a lot of confidence, a desire to keep learning, and of course, memories that will last a lifetime ????‍♀️????
The most awesome vibes provided by the most awesome instructor, Marco. This was recommended to us by a local. First time on a surf board and I honestly didn’t think I would get very far in one lesson. However with Marcos great teaching that was not the case. Great communication, huge focus on safety and a very respectful instructor. Marco and Julio, great job!
Jessica BermelJessica Bermel
21:57 27 Apr 23
Good vibes is The best surf lessons in Tamarindo if not the best surf school in Costa rica!Both instructors are amazing!they are patient and always put safety first. During the beginner surf lessons beginner, I never felt pushed or pressured, and had so much fun!Also, they help ensure you get the muscle memory so it was easy to get up the first time. Everything is taught step by step. When I went on my own after the lesson, I was able to find our what I did wrong and correct it thanks to the repetition and muscle memory ????After the lessons I felt confident and safe on the ocean. I always felt safe and in control of my board thanks to Marco & Julio!I stayed at Tamarindo Backpackers hostel where they operate out of as well, which made it easy to ask questions after the lesson and continue learning.If you are looking for safe surf lessons in Tamarindo or fun surf lessons in Tamarindo, definitely recommend Good Vibes!Definitely 5 stars! Would highly recommend. I guarantee the best surf lessons at this surf school!
Brenna DolenBrenna Dolen
19:01 30 Dec 22
Wow I am so glad I got a surf lesson with Marco on my short visit to Tamarindo. He helped guide me into numerous waves in just one morning and learn how to read which waves to roll under. I tried surfing one time a couple years ago and didn’t continue because I felt very unsafe with the board in the water. This lesson made me feel so much safer, in control, and confident with Marco’s instruction. Wish I could stay longer for more lessons! I truly feel like I have solid fundamentals and safety knowledge that I can take with me forever. On top of being an incredible instructor, Marco also has a very calm and encouraging approach.

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